Coming in His Kingdom
by Arlen L. Chitwood

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   Chapter 1      Chapter 2      Chapter 3  

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When Christ returns to the earth at the end of the Tribulation He will be accompanied by Moses and Elijah, along with a great contingent of angels.  Christians, having been removed from the earth at least seven years earlier ó contrary to common belief and teaching ó will not be with Christ at this time.

Numerous events will occur between the time Christ returns and the beginning of the Messianic Kingdom.  Moses will be instrumental in some of these events, Elijah in others, and the accompanying angels in others.

Scripture is quite clear concerning not only the different events that will occur but the reason for and the order of these events.  The manner of Christís return and the events surrounding His return are what this book, Coming in His Kingdom, is about.

This book begins in the opening chapter with events on ďa high mountainĒ in Matthew 17:1-5, events that have their basis in Old Testament History, with that which they foreshadow set forth in both Testaments.

Moses and Elijah appeared with Christ on the Mount, two men later appeared at Christís empty Tomb, and forty days later two men appeared on the Mount of Olives at the time Christ was received up into heaven.  All of these events are inseparably tied together and are dealt with in this book.

Scripture consists of an inexhaustible treasure chest, a mine so rich that man can spend a lifetime digging into that which lies therein and do little more than scratch the surface.

And the preceding is really all that the material in this book or in any other book that man might write on a biblical subject can do.  This material, though presenting an overall picture of events surrounding Christís return, can do little more than scratch the surface of that which God has interwoven in His Word on the subject.

Thus, it is left to the reader to pick up where the author leaves off and mine more of this God-provided, inexhaustible treasure.