We Are Almost There
by Arlen L. Chitwood

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 Chapter 1      Chapter 2       Chapter 3  

 Chapter 4      Chapter 5       Chapter 6   

 Chapter 7      Chapter 8       Chapter 9   

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One way or another, the world as we know it is about to end.  One way is uncertain, the other is certain.

Those out in the world (both unsaved man and the worldly Christian) look at the uncertain and know little to nothing about the certain.  But the instructed Christian looks at the certain and does not concern himself with the uncertain.

Both are inseparably connected with the times in which we live, a time very near the end of Manís Day.

The former (that which is uncertain) is associated with manís actions, that which is brought to pass by man ó centrally, a pollution of the earth, extending out into the atmosphere, resulting in seemingly unstoppable climate changes (droughts, super storms, ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctic regions melting [resulting in rising ocean levels], etc).

The latter (that which is certain) is associated with actions that man has no control over whatsoever.  God is about to, once again, step into manís affairs, resulting in major changes.

Changes that man may bring about are already occurring and are seen continuing to slowly occur over decades of time.

Changes that the Lord is about to bring about are seen occurring instantly in one respect (in an atomos of time [time equivalent to less than a microsecond], having to do with the removal of the Church in 1 Corinthians 15:52) and over a few subsequent short years (seven years, the Tribulation, Danielís unfulfilled Seventieth Week) in another respect.

Change is inevitable; thereís no question about that.  And the world as we know it is about to end with this change; thereís no question about that either.

As long as time continues, change is going to occur.  And, if an increasing number of the worldís scientists are correct, man has reached a point of no-return in this respect.

But the change that is about to occur, before any of the preceding can continue beyond certain points, has to do with God, once again, stepping into manís affairs.

And it has all been foretold in the Word.