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We Are

Almost There

Arlen L. Chitwood


Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming. . . . Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.  (Matthew 24:42, 44)


A Study about the Nearness of Christís Return for the Church and Succeeding Events Pertaining to Israel and the Nations, Leading into Christís Millennial Reign








                        Things That Christians Should Know and Never Forget



            Things That Christians Should Know and Never Forget


Chapter 3.  ITíS ALMOST OVER

            Manís Day Has Almost Run Its Course


Chapter 4.  IN SUCH A TIME

            The Son Of Man Coming At An Unexpected Time


Chapter 5.  AT MIDNIGHT

            A Terminal Hour, Judgment, A New Beginning



            Godís Set Times, Which Have And Will Come To Pass


Chapter 7.  AFTER 2,600 YEARS

            That Future Time When Israel Will Again Hold The Scepter



                        The Biblical Relationship Of Christians To The World



                        Terminal Actions In Godís Dealings With Christians


Appendix 1

            Yad Vashem ó ďA Place and a NameĒ


Appendix 2

            The Prophetic Calendar of Israel


SCRIPTURE INDEX (Hard Copy Edition Only)






When Adam sinned in Eden almost 6,000 years ago, not only did ďdeathĒ pass upon all future mankind (Romans 5:12), but the creation itself was subjected to ďthe bondage of corruptionĒ once again (Genesis 3:4-19; Romans 8:21; cf. Genesis 1:2a).  And the entire creation, since that time, has groaned and travailed in pain (Romans 8:22), waiting, with fallen man, a coming day.


The domain over which Satan ruled and continues to rule today ó the earth ó had been reduced to a ruin following his fall (Genesis 1:2a; cf. Isaiah 14:12-17; Ezekiel 28:14-16).  Exactly how long the creation lay in this ruined state is unrevealed; it is unknown.  But the day arrived when God, over six days-time, delivered the creation from this ďbondage of corruption.Ē  God restored the creation and then created man, with a view to man ruling the restored creation in the stead (place) of Satan and his angels (Genesis 1:2b-28).


But Satan, knowing the reason for manís creation, brought about his fall, which resulted in a change not only in man; but, once again, in the creation itself (Genesis 3:4-19).  Though Satan continued holding the scepter, he, once again, found himself ruling over a ruined domain.


The creation, again, found itself in a corrupted state, groaning and travailing in pain, awaiting deliverance.  And this deliverance is seen occurring in Romans 8:19 at the time of ďthe manifestation of the sons of God


Contextually, ďthe manifestation of the sons of GodĒ ó a new order of sons ó will occur in connection with and following ďthe adoptionĒ (Romans 8:14-17, 23).  And this has to do with an event following decisions and determinations made at the judgment seat, following the present dispensation but preceding the Tribulation.  Christians who are to occupy positions as co-heirs with Christ during the Messianic Era will, at that time, be adopted into a firstborn status as sons (as God did with Israel in past time), for only firstborn sons can rule in the human realm.


And the manifestation of this new order of sons, which will occur following the Tribulation, once Manís Day has run its course, is the event that the entire creation awaits.  Until then the creation will remain in a corrupted state, groaning and travailing in pain.


But deliverance is in the offing, and the day will arrive when God is going to step in and begin bringing events to pass that will culminate in the entire matter being rectified.  Only then will conditions as seen in the currently existing situation be straightened out.


In relation to that coming day when these things will be brought to pass, everything and everyone is presently out of place:


Christ is out of place.  His rightful place is seen in Psalm 2:6, 7; Luke 1:32, 33 and Revelation 3:21 ó seated, as Godís King, both on Davidís throne here on earth in the midst of a restored Israel and on His own throne, with His co-heirs, in the heavens.


Satan is out of place.  His rightful place is in the abyss, then the lake of fire, after he has been removed from the throne, relinquishing his crown and scepter (2 Samuel 1:10; 2:4; 5:3, 4; Isaiah 14:15-17; Ezekiel 28:16-19; Revelation 20:2, 3, 7-10).


Israel is out of place.  The nationís rightful place is occupying the land covenanted to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in a restored state (following national repentance, conversion, and a restored theocracy), with the nations being ruled by and blessed by and through Israel (Genesis 12:1-3; Ezekiel 36:22-36; 39:25-29).


The Church is out of place.  The rightful place for Christians is ruling and reigning as co-heirs with Christ, occupying the throne with Him (Romans 8:14-18; Revelation 2:26, 27; 3:21).


The Gentile nations are out of place.  The rightful place for the nations is being ruled by and blessed through Israel (Genesis 12:1-3; Isaiah 52:13-15; 54:1ff; 60:1-3).


The creation itself is out of place.  The rightful place for the creation is not groaning and travailing in pain but delivered from the bondage of corruption (Romans 8:19-22).


But all of this is about to change.  Just how soon will these changes occur?  Just how soon will God once again step into manís affairs and begin straightening out the whole of the matter?


Thatís what this book is about.