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The Salvation Moment
The Most Significant Hours in Human History

Salvation Analysis
Faith (Believe) Scriptures
The Pinnacle of Christianity
The Prime Principle of Christianity
Essentials for a Biblical Christian Life
The Crown Jewel of Christian Conduct

"That their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, and attaining to all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the knowledge of the mystery of God, both of the Father and of Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.."

(Colossians 2:2 & 3 NKJV)

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Life - view here
Our Hope - view here
The Cross -  view here
The Rapture - view here
Walk the Walk - view here
Biblical Timeline - view here
The Bible and You - view here
Christian Behavior - view here
Hope, Another Look - view here
The Christian Church - view here
Your Coming Judgment - view here
The True Christian Diet - view here
The Ten Commandments - view here
Studying the Word of God  -  view here
Focal Point of the Christian Life -  view here
Middle East Peace — How, When? -  view here
Jesus the Christ - Our Triune Savior -  view here
The Crown Jewel of Christian Conduct  - view here
The  Crown  Jewel  of  Christian  Doctrine   -  view here
Eagerly Expecting  —  an Overcomer’s Trait  -  view here
The Three Most Significant Hours in Human History  -  view here
The Christian Experience — Its Initiation and Progression - view here
The Pathway to Spiritual Maturity & the Coming Glory - view here
Salvation – Gift of Grace and/or Reward for Works - view here
Bible Facts Little Understood by Christians  -  view here
God's Remedy for Spiritual Immaturity - view here
Your Coming Terminal Appointment - view here
The Christian's Purpose in this Life - view here
Being Filled With The Holy Spirit - view here
Kingdom Questions Answered - view here
Life and Death in the Bible - view here
Confusion about Salvation - view here
Judgment of Christians - view here
The Salvation Moment- view here
Redemption of Man - view here
Biblical Christianity - view here
The Lord's Prayer - view here
Faith,  Hope, Love - view here
The Home Church - view here
Faith and Works - view here
How They Died - view here
Faith - view here

Books by Arlen L. Chitwood
Links for the books (in PDF format) - view here

(For those who wish to digest the "meat" [not "milk"] of God's Word--Hebrews 5:12-14)
Please note that most of the Bible quotations within the books have been changed from the KJV to the NKJV of the Word; thereby eliminating the need, in most cases, to show a clearer or more specific translation of the verse under consideration. Furthermore, please be advised that the Scripture Index portion, which one may find in the back of the hard copy of each book, has not been included primarily because the pages are not numbered (exception being the MSWord downloads, which do not follow the hard copy numbering system).

Links for the Books (in PDF format) by Arlen Chitwood
NOTE: clicking the link should automatically open or download the booklet.

The Acts Period

The Bride in Genesis

Brought Forth From Above

By Faith

Christians — After the Rapture

Coming in His Kingdom

Distant Hoofbeats

End of the Days


From Acts to the Epistles

From Egypt to Canaan

God’s Firstborn Sons

Had Ye Believed Moses

I Know Thy Works

In the Lord’s Day
Israel — From Death to Life

Israel — Seven Years, Then...

Israel — What Does the Future Hold?

Jude — Acts of the Apostates

Judgment Seat of Christ

Let Us Go On

Message in the Gospels, Acts, Epistles

Middle East Peace — How? When?

Moses and John

The Most High Ruleth

Mysteries of the Kingdom

Mystery of the Woman

"Never Again!" or "Yes, Again!"

"O Sleeper! Arise, Call...!" (Jonah)

Prophecy on Mount Olivet
Redeemed for a Purpose

The Rapture and Beyond

Run to Win


Salvation by Grace through Faith

Salvation of the Soul

Search for the Bride

Seven, Ten Generations

Signs in John's Gospel

So Great Salvation

The Spiritual Warfare

The Study of Scripture

The Time of Jacob's Trouble

The Time of the End (Revelation)

We Are Almost There

Books by Arlen L. Chitwood in word doc format are HERE

LINKS to the Appendixes in the above books are HERE

"Other writings" by Arlen L. Chitwood (in PDF format) is HERE

"Other writings" - Part 2 - by Arlen L. Chitwood (in PDF format) is HERE

"Other writings" - Part 3 - by Arlen L. Chitwood (in PDF format) is HERE

  The Purposes of

1. Present the gospels of Jesus Christ.
    (both grace & glory)

2. Promote Bible study.

3. Provide comprehensive Bible commentary.

4. Prepare believers to live the Christian life.

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NOTE: Please keep in mind that there are some differences in some points of doctrine in the various books and commentaries posted on this website. The owner and director of this site primarily intends for the site to direct those who seek eternal life, otherwise known as spirit-salvation, to the truth that eternal life may only be acquired "by faith alone in Christ alone." Additionally, he further intends for those who have believed in Christ and are therefore the recipients of eternal life, that proper spiritual maturity may only be achieved in conjunction with a proper understanding of the "word of the kingdom," a process otherwise known as soul-salvation. In achieving soul-salvation, it is critical that the believer live a holy (Christ-centered) life in anticipation of the coming judgment of Christians at Christ's Judgment Seat and the possibility of participating in the coming Messianic Kingdom. These elements are the primary focus of this website. Any differences in various points of doctrine, e.g., the Rapture, etc., which may be reflected by the various writings of authors posted on this site, must be considered and understood and thereby determined (as to what is correct) by the reader as he submits himself to the Holy Spirit, the primary Teacher of Scripture.

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