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Kingdom Questions


  1. What was the purpose for the creation of man?
  2. What was the purpose/goal God intended for His chosen people, Israel?
  3. What is the Christian’s hope, inheritance, and salvation?
  4. What was the specific message of John the Baptist, which was subsequently proffered by Jesus Christ and His disciples?
  5. Why was the message by Christ and His disciples first designated for Israel and not the Gentiles?
  6. Why was the message proffered by Christ and His disciples transferred from Israel to the Gentiles?
  7. What are the three major components of man; and, what are their distinctive traits?
  8. How does God’s redemption plan affect the three major components of man?
  9. What does the Bible mean when it speaks of the salvation of the soul?
  10. How does the salvation of the spirit differ from the salvation of the soul?
  11. Why are there apparent contradictory passages of Scripture regarding the subject of salvation?
  12. Does the Bible present a future literal millennial kingdom; and, if so, what is its purpose?
  13. Is the body of Christ equivalent to the bride of Christ?
  14. Is there a coming judgment for Christians; and, if so, what is its purpose?
  15. What part does the Old Testament play in understanding the New Testament?
  16. How is Adam a type of Jesus Christ?
  17. What is the only basis in Scripture for salvation?
  18. Where in Scripture is the first picture of salvation mentioned?
  19. Was the first generation of Israel, which came out of Egypt, saved?
  20. If the first generation of Israel was saved, then what is shown by their not being permitted to proceed into the Promised Land?
  21. Other than Joshua and Caleb, did the first generation of Egypt lose their salvation because they were not permitted to proceed into the Promised Land?
  22. Why is there a coming judgment for Christians if Christ on the cross became their sin and was judged “in their place” relative to eternal life?
  23. Can a Christian be an apostate; and, if so, what are the consequences he must face?
  24. How can the statement “I am saved, I am being saved, and I will be saved;” be explained?
  25. What should faithful Christians expect in this life according to the Bible?
  26. What should faithful and unfaithful Christians expect in the age to come?
  27. What did Christ mean by the term, “outer darkness”?
  28. Why should a Christian study the Old Testament?
  29. What does it mean to inherit salvation?
  30. According to Christ, what are the “mysteries of the kingdom”?