Bible Facts Little Understood by Christians 


Local Churches
& Pastor-Teachers


Tree of Life


The Second Death

Doctrines of Balaam
& Nicolaitans

The Hidden Manna
and White Stone

The Outer Darkness


Crowns Cast Before God's Throne  (PDF)

Crowns Cast Before God's Throne  (MS DOC)

The 24 Elders of Revelation Chapter Four

Christís Present High Priestly Ministry

Spirit vs. Soul Salvation

The Out Resurrection

Coming Judgment of Christians

Revelationís Crowned Rulers

Faith and Works

Ages and Dispensations in the Bible

Godís Kingdom, Its Structure Now and Then

Jew, Gentile, Christian

The Septenary Arrangement of Scripture

Types and Antitypes

Parables, and
Figurative Language

The Central Person and Focus of Scripture

Romans 6:23
By Dr. Rev. Sweigart

Romans 6:23
by Charles Strong

The Royal Genealogy
of Jesus Christ

Milk and Solid Food (Meat) of Godís Word

Conflicting Salvation Passages of Scripture

The Work of the
Holy Spirit

The Mission of the
Holy Spirit Today