The Time of the End
by Arlen L. Chitwood


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    Foreword         Chapter 1         Chapter 2

    Chapter 3         Chapter 4         Chapter 5

    Chapter 6         Chapter 7         Chapter 8

    Chapter 9        Chapter 10       Chapter 11     

    Chapter 12      Chapter 13       Chapter 14

    Chapter 15      Chapter 16       Chapter 17

    Chapter 18      Chapter 19       Chapter 20     

    Chapter 21      Chapter 22       Chapter 23     

    Chapter 24      Chapter 25       Chapter 26      

    Chapter 27      Chapter 28       Chapter 29

    Chapter 30      Chapter 31       Chapter 32

    Chapter 33      Chapter 34       Chapter 35      

   Chapter 36       Appendix 1      Appendix 2

   Appendix 3      Appendix 4

The book of Revelation is about the unveiling of Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:1).  This book is about an opening up and full disclosure of the Word, which was/is God.  It is about an opening up and full disclosure of the Old Testament Scriptures that became flesh in the person of Godís Son (John 1:1, 2, 14; cf. Luke 24:25-27, 44; John 5:45-47).

John began his gospel account by calling attention to the Old Testament Scriptures (the written Word) being opened up and revealed in a new and living way ó by and through the person of Godís Son, the Word, becoming flesh.

Then John began the book of Revelation through a similar means ó an opening up and unveiling of the Son, which is another way of saying an opening up and unveiling of the Old Testament Scriptures.

(It should go without saying that there is nothing in the New Testament that is not seen after some fashion in the Old Testament.  If there were, the Son, the Word made flesh, could only have been incomplete.)

And within this opening up and unveiling of the Son in this book, after this manner, three things occupy center-stage:

1)  Godís purpose for the present dispensation will be realized.  The Spiritís search for a bride for Godís Son will have been completed (Genesis 24:1ff), with the Church subsequently removed and judged (Revelation 1b-3).  The bride will then be revealed, allowing the Son to reign, for He cannot reign without a wife (Genesis 1:26-28).


2)  Godís purpose for the past dispensation will be realized.  Israel, through the judgments of the Tribulation, will be brought to the place of repentance (Revelation 6-19a).  This will, in turn, allow God to deal with Israel relative to national conversion, restoration to the land, the restoration of the Kingdom under the New Covenant, the destruction of Gentile world power, and the ushering in of the Millennium (Revelation 19b, 20a; cf. Ezekiel 36:24-38; 37:21-28; 39:25-29).


3)  Godís ultimate purpose in all things will then be realized in the eternal ages following the Millennium (Revelation 21, 22).