Seven, Ten Generations
by Arlen L. Chitwood

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God, in His Word, often exhibits an affinity for explaining matters by and through the use of types, numbers, metaphors, parables, or other forms of figurative language.  But the way in which man in the western world normally views these same parts of the Word, more often than not, is completely out of line with the way in which God has revealed Himself in His Word.

In the preceding respect, vital points of interpretation, particularly those established early in Genesis, are often missed.  And, beginning in an incorrect fashion in this manner, can only result in negative consequences when seeking to understand subsequent biblical revelation.

The basics for everything have been set forth early in Scripture.  In this respect, man must begin where God began if he is to gain an understanding of foundational truths, which are vitally necessary for a proper understanding of subsequent revelation.  And, beginning at this point in Scripture, man must study Godís revelation after the manner in which it has been structured, after the manner in which God gave His revelation to man.

Thus, all who desire to properly understand Godís revelation of Himself, His plans, and His purposes for man must do two things:

1)      They must begin where God began, at the beginning, in Genesis.

2)      They must study this revelation after the manner in which God structured His Word when the Spirit moved different men to pen this Word.

Anything short of this, no matter to what extent man applies himself to study, can only fail to produce the full results that God intended when He gave this revelation to man.