Distant Hoofbeats
by Arlen L. Chitwood

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 Contents        Foreword

 Chapter 1      Chapter 2       Chapter 3  

 Chapter 4      Chapter 5       Chapter 6     

 Chapter 7      Chapter 8       Chapter 9

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All mankind, both the living and the dead throughout the past 6,000 years of manís existence, has a date with destinyNo one is excluded; all are includedAnd that day is fast approaching.

This book deals with one major facet of the matter ó things that the Prophets wrote about millennia ago that are about to transpire upon this earth, things having to do with Israel and the nations following the removal of the Church.  And these are not things that will occur in some distant, far-away future.  Rather, the present dispensation is almost over.

Manís Day has almost run its course.  We are almost there.

God works with pre-established, set times, which He Himself established and set; and He is about to, once again, step into manís affairs, with major changes to then follow.

The Church is about to be removed, with God then turning back to Israel and completing the final, unfulfilled seven years of Danielís Seventy-Week prophecy (Daniel 9:24-27).  During these final seven years, Israel will be dealt with after a fashion that will result in the nation, after 2,600 years of Gentile dominance, being brought to the place of repentance.

To effect repentance, God will use the actions of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, who are about to ride.  Their ride will begin with Deception (the rider on the white horse [Revelation 6:1, 2] who will deceive and mislead the masses); then, War, Famine, Pestilence (Plagues, Diseases), and Death will follow in this manís deceptive wake as he shows his true colors when the other three horsemen come forth (Revelation 6:3-8).

This man will become world ruler, sit on Satanís throne (Revelation 13:1, 2), and ó seeking to destroy the nation of Israel, with the nations resultantly caught up in the matter as well ó two-thirds of the Jewish population of the earth will die, along with more than a billion from the nations.

Then, following Israel finally being brought to the place of repentance through all of this death and destruction, the heavens will open and a fifth Horseman will come forth ó One from above, not from below, as the others.  And He will not only bring the whole of that occurring to an end but set things right.

You can read about it in this book, or better yet, in the Book.