God's Firstborn Sons
by Arlen L. Chitwood

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        Foreword      Chapter 1      Chapter 2

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God presently has two firstborn Sons ó Christ (Hebrews 1:6) and Israel (Exodus 4:22, 23).  Christ is Godís firstborn Son through procreation (John 3:16), and Israel is Godís firstborn son through adoption (Romans 9:4).  And God is about to bring into existence a third firstborn son through adoption ó the Church (Romans 8:14, 15, 19, 23).

ďSonshipĒ implies rulership.  Only ďsonsĒ hold regal positions in Godís kingdom ó past, present, or future.  Thatís the way God established matters in the beginning, and that which God has established in this respect never changes.

Angels alone (sons of God because of creation) have ruled throughout Godís kingdom in time past (both over this earth and elsewhere in the universe).  But, with manís creation ó an entirely new order in the universe, an individual created in Godís image, after His likeness ó a change in the order of rulers within Godís government was made known.  Man was created for regal purposes (Genesis 1:26-28); and, though sin subsequently entered, resulting in a ruined creation (Genesis 3:1ff), God did not and will not change His mind concerning the reason He brought man into existence (Romans 11:29).

The whole of manís salvation has this high end in view, whether salvation past (the spiritual birth, presently possessed by all Christians) or salvation present and future (the saving of the soul, not presently possessed by Christians but awaiting realization).  Man has been, is being, and is about to be saved for a revealed regal purpose.

A new order of ďsonsĒ is about to be brought forth (Romans 8:19; cf. Hebrews 2:5).  And only then will Godís purpose for manís creation (in the beginning) and His reason for manís subsequent salvation (following his ruin) be realized.