The Bride in Genesis
by Arlen L. Chitwood


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God created man in the beginning to rule the earth. And following man's creation, with a view to this rule, God put the man to sleep, opened his side, and took a rib from his side; and from this rib God made "a helper" for the man, whom He called "Woman," because "she was taken out of Man." The woman was bone of man's bones, and flesh of man's flesh; and when she was presented back to the man, he was then complete (Genesis 1:26-28; 2:21-24).

The man and the woman were to rule together (Genesis 1:26) the man as king, and the woman as consort queen. This was an unchangeable principle that God established at this time. The man could not rule alone. Rather, he must rule as a complete being.

Christ, the Second Man, the Last Adam, will one day take the scepter and rule the earth. And God's established principle concerning man's rule cannot be violated. Christ, at the time He rules the earth, must have a wife to rule with Him.

The Son though does not presently possess a wife. But that is about to change. An entire dispensation, lasting 2,000 years, has been set aside; and God has sent the Holy Spirit into the world to acquire a bride for His Son (seen typically in Genesis 24).

And once the Spirit's mission has been completed, the bride will be removed from the earth and presented to the Son (also seen typically in Genesis 24). Only then can the Second Man, the Last Adam, take the scepter and rule the earth, in complete accord with God's original intention for man, revealed at the time of his creation.

The Father already has a wife Israel acquired during the past dispensation, which allowed a theocracy to exist during Old Testament times. And for the Son to rule within the future theocracy, He, as well, must possess a wife one removed from His body, who will be bone of His bones, and flesh of His flesh, one who will rule as consort queen with the King of kings, and Lord of lords (cf. Revelation 19:7-9, 16).

The basic teachings surrounding the Son possessing a wife to rule as consort queen with Him are set forth at the very beginning of Scripture, in the book of Genesis. And the various things pertaining to the Son's wife, set forth in the book of Genesis, are the things that form the subject matter of this book, The Bride in Genesis

In the grace of our Savior,